Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pro Supex Blue Gear Ultra Spin

Pro Supex Blue Gear Ultra Spin
Pro Supex Blue Gear Ultra Spin

Blue Gear Ultra Spin - Blue Gear is back with a twist! 

Introducing the new addition to the Blue Gear family from Pro Supex! Pro Supex has taken all the criticism and replied with the latest incarnation of the Blue Gear, the BG Ultra Spin. It has unmatchable tension maintenance like Big Ace, but also has added grooves with a twist in the string which helps impart UNBELIEVABLE spin on the ball. Unlike other textured strings with n-flat sides, Blue Gear has six channels thus making the cross section look like a gear. Ball fuzz catches in these channels imparting crazy amounts of spin on the ball. The tension maintenance is also unmatchable and rivals other overpriced polys on the market. Pro Supex‘s polyester strings are also rated very highly.  Therefore, you can be assured that one of the top authorities in the string industry concurs with its performance.
Item : Pack of Pro Supex Blue Gear Ultra Spin
Package include : 1 set of 40 feet tennis string (NEW)
Gauge  : 17g (1.23mm)
Color   : Blue
Price    : RM35 only
This string is not available locally in stores. Shipping is available nationwide via PosExpress (charged separately)

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