Monday, March 28, 2011


Lead tape comes in 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch widths. 1 inch of 1/2 inch wide lead tape weighs .5 grams (1 inch of 1/4 inch lead tape weighs .25 grams). If adding small amounts of weight, it’s best to either cut the 1/2 inch tape in half (lengthwise) or use 1/4 inch tape. This width fits nicely between the existing grommets and the frame edge. If adding substantial weight inside the rim, it’s more convenient to remove the grommet strips and/or bumper, use 1/2 inch wide lead tape and punch holes with an awl to accomodate the grommets. If using this method, be sure to punch the holes from the opposite side and snip off the punched pieces of lead to avoid having them come loose inside the frame. Finish making the holes from the grommet side and replace the grommet/bumper.

Gamma Lead Tape 1/2 inch
GAMMA 1/2" Lead Tape
 36 inches
Width: 1/2 inch
Weight: 1 inch = 1/2 gram.
Gamma Lead Tape 1/4 inch
GAMMA 1/4" Lead Tape
 72 inches
Width: 1/4 inch
Weight: 1 inch = 1/4 gram.

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