Sunday, January 8, 2012

My POGO stick. (Prince Original Graphite Oversize)

I have been looking for this racket since i got myself the K-Factor tour. I fell in love with box beam rackets and I got to have them all! ALL!

Prince Graphite Oversize

There were various releases of the Prince Graphite since it first hit the market around 1978. The list below is the various incarnation of the classic that was made famous by Agassi and Chang.

POG 1 = Tear dropped shaped head single line with no grommets/no bumper and no printing on top or side or racket (possibly just sticker) except for Prince/graphite- circa 1978

POG 2 = Tear dropped shaped head, single line with grommets/no bumper no printing on top or side or racket (possibly just sticker) except for Prince/graphite- circa 1980?

POG 3 = Normal shaped head, single line with grommets and bumper, printing on side is "graphite series 110" top has no printing front is Prince/Graphite. Printed stringing weight is 70-80 - Circa 1983

POG 3.5 = Same as 3 but side says "graphite 110", String weight 60-75
Circa ?

POG 4 = Norm head, 4 line with grommets/bumper, printing on side is "graphite 110", top is "110" , side sticker says "series 110" front is Prince/Prince- , Printed stringing weight is 60-75 - Circa 1987

POG 4.5 = Same as POG 4 but top is printed "oversize", side is "graphite oversize" , front is Prince/Prince, printed stringing weight is 50-60 -
Circa > 1987 (any ideas?)

POG 5 = Straight shaft-Not sure of OS had straight shaft?

POG 6 = Tour

The one in my hands is the POG 4.5. It is a beauty. Condition 8/10.

The paintjob is almost perfect, bar a few small chips of paint here and there, barely noticeable. What a way to start 2012 with!


  1. Bro, do u wanna sell that? I've the exact same one at L4 grip size, 107" head..been looking for a double racket for yrs. Buzz me:

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