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Pro Supex Big Ace Red

Pro Supex Big Ace Red

Big Ace from Pro Supex is the best performance string for tournament players. The durability is incredible, control is at the highest level possible, and power is phenomenal. We found Big Ace to produce a lot of spin, without the loss of feel. There is almost no tension loss. We recommend you drop your tension 3-5 pounds than normal synthetic strings. Our testers said that, “Big Ace feels softer than Luxilon, but the durability is better.” Manufacturer achieved this by adding special additives. The 16 gauge is for the tournament player that breaks strings often and is looking for a durable string without the loss of power or control. This string is currently one of the best selling strings in Europe, South America and Australia. Big Ace is made in Germany.
• Length: 40 ft/12m
• Gauge: 16/1.28mm
• Color: Lime Yellow, Pearl White, Red
• Construction: Polyester
• Advantage: Excellent Playability. Best
Pro Supex Polyester String For Power,
Control, and Durability.


Big Ace is the only co-polyester string today that combines the comfort and power of a synthetic gut and the durability and control of a traditional polyester string. Big Ace is a monofilament co-polymer and has special monomix-reinforced chemical additives.
The USRSA tested the Pro Supex Big Ace (1.22mm). The reviews were phenomenal. Our Pro Supex Big Ace has been rated by the USRSA as:
# 5 for durability*
# 5 for Resistance to Movement*
# 7 for Tension Maintenance of all strings tested to date!

Pro Supex Big Ace comes in a lime yellow , pearl white , and a red color. Available in 1.28, 1.25, and 1.22mm.
*Stats based on 109 strings playtested to date.

Thousands of players have already made the switch to Pro Supex Big Ace. Some touring pros that are currently using Big Ace are Chris Wettengel, Tyler Cleveland, Chris Lam, Ikaika Jobe, and many more!
The string was tested by 37 USRSA playtesters with NTRP ratings from 3.5 to 6.0. These were all "blind tests". The average number of hours that the string was playtested was 30 hours and 2 minutes. Wow! This shows the amazing durability of the Big Ace.


Colour: Available in RED only at the moment.

Gauge: 1.25mm (17G), 1.22mm(17L), 1.17mm(18G)

Price: RM30 per pack consisting of 12M/40ft of strings.

Available also in reel form. Please email me for pricing details.

Item Code:
1.25mm - PSBAR125
1.22mm - PSBAR122
1.17mm - PSBAR117

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